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Stenography – Beginner’s False Debacle

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I remember the very first time is saw something written in Arabic, and I clearly remember thinking, how a someone writes like this, let alone reading it. I had that same feeling a few months back when I decided to learn stenography. Looking at those strokes, I was amazed and scared at the same time. Amazed because one whole paragraph of an article was written in two lines and scared because I had to learn how to write one whole paragraph of an article in two lines
I use the heading “False Debacle” because once you don’t understand something, automatically a feeling of detest is generated if you haven’t tried it or in my case, not even started it. But once I gave it a shot with an earnest effort, I got to know that it’s just like learning any other new language. You start from the basics and the alphabets in case of a new language. Well in Stenography you have circles, loops, hooks, etc.
So, Sir Isaac Pitman published the first edition of his shorthand system in 1837. To explain Pitman’sShorthand clearly, I shall use the summary part from my book which says “In Pitman shorthand, the amount of actual writing has been reduced to a minimum because of the scientific use of the stenographic abbreviating material.
From what I’ve learned till now, shorthand is an art of writing. It’s completely distinctive and serves the purpose of representing letters and words as briefly as possible. So the whole spur of shorthand briefing and speed. But it’s ridiculous to think that stenography can be explained in one blog so I am going to stick to the hindrance part.
Not essentially an Erudite is likely to learn shorthand faster. This is the most astonishing part of learning shorthand. What you need is the Pitman’s new era shorthand book, a few pencils, a copy someone to elucidate and a whole lot of time with patience. What I mean to say is if you are devoted to learning shorthand and are ready to dedicate your time with sincerity, is only when it’s not a “Debacle’ for your shorthand takes a lot of practice and perseverance. As generic as it may sound, it’s the harsh reality of shorthand. It’s not easy at all, frustrating at times and you are very likely to feel nadir. But taking steps one at a time and learning day by day without cheating your time of practice is the only way to learn shorthand
And in my opinion, all this hardship is never to go in vain because of the dearth of people with knowledge of shorthand in our country. It’s very unlikely for a person to master shorthand and stay unemployed in our country. At least this is what I’ve noticed till now. This is something which motivates me and can serve as a great motivation for others to learn shorthand.
In conclusion, I would say that shorthand is a laborious task, but it’s no rocket science. You are going to be exultant if you are willing to

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