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Just Thoughts about Steno

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we can say
stenography is “an abbreviated system of writing that utilizes symbols or short alphabetic combinations to facilitate the rapid recording of the spoken word”. It is thus the system of using signs and symbols to represent sounds. Stenography derives from Greek word steno which means narrow and graphein which means to write. Many forms of shorthand exist. Shorthand provides symbols or abbreviations for words and by learning
shorthand anyone can write as quickly as people speak.

Why it is important?
Stenogràphy promotes fast writing, time-saving
phenomena. Shorthand writing saves a lot of time when taking down spoken words. Many people are now earning their living through the use of shorthand skills. People have learned it and use it everyday. It is just another skill that can be learned either for a career or for personal use and is similar to learning a new language. For instance, many journalists use shorthand writing to quickly take notes at a press conference or other similar scenarios.

Advantages of stenography :
Learning stenography is useful in many ways. Stenography is a means of earning a living. One can look for employment as a shorthand typist, Private Secretary, personal assistant. It helps to make an accurate, immediate and legible recording of spoken words in courts, Parliament and in offices. It helps to reduce the normal writing time to the minimum because signs are written with great speed when practiced daily. It is definitely worth learning if you desire to get a government job besides, it would also help in taking down notes quickly.

What is the scope of stenography?

Stenographer job falls under the broader career category. There are lots of vacancies of stenography in the government and private sectors as well. Recruitment is taking place every year through SSC and many other government agencies. In the private sector also, Shorthand knowing Private Secretaries are very much in demand at the top management levels.
So, there is ample scope in stenography. Problem faced while studying shorthand. Its requires undivided attention and a complete dedication towards it by giving that you could minimize the time at least some months for sure. It needs to practice regularly and constantly. You feel monotonous while learning stenography mainly in your initial days of learning. So, people easily get irritated. but when you start practicing more and more you will be used to it and start deriving interest in it.

How long does it take to learn

Learning steno takes time and regular practice is needed. There are no fix months and time to acquire shorthand skill. But many teachers say that
It takes almost (3-5) months to have a speed of 80 words per minute with minimum of 4 hours of practice a day. But more it depends on individual capacity to grasp things quickly. So it’s up to you, the number is just estimate not exact. And more it depends on how much you practiced daily and for that, you have to cultivate an interest in it. The more you like the more you grasp and more you practiced. In my case, I have completed my steno book( by Issac Pitmann) in 3 months with daily 5hours practice and have a speed of 80 words per minute. So it also depends on individual will. So, in the last, I want to conclude my topic saying that if you are interested in learning Stenography then only start learning it because this is the only motivating or deriving force which one can continue learning for a long period of time as it is very time-consuming. So you have to be diligent if you really want to achieve something bigger in the field of stenography.

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