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A Conscientious Art of Writing

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Shorthand Dictation

 Sir,Issac pitman was the first person who invented the shorthand in 1837.Shorthand is a contracted form of symbolic writing that increases speed as well as efficiency in writing more words in short period of time as compared to longhand,which is more  time consuming and is more of a slow process which makes it less appealing among professional organizations where the short hand is commonly preferred. The process of writing in shorthand is called stenography.A shorthand in itself is kind of a language that may rely on symbols, which represent specific sounds, concepts, letters, or it may rely on letters that have specific meanings.Circles,loops,and hooks are used for the representation of commonly used english words.Short forms for certain english words are also there which facilitate the better understanding and makes it easy for a person to learn and write. 

A highly skilled professional with great shorthand speed and a good grasp of language be it English, Hindi or any other language is known as stenographer.Stenographers are shorthand experts who take dictations or record spoken words in shorthand using shorthand machine or by writing it down in their pads.

Shorthand is more of a skill that can be learnt either for a career or for personal use and is similar to learning a new language.Learning a new language usually involves listening, speaking, reading, writing, sometimes even a new alphabet and writing format. And let’s say if you would focus exclusively on just one activity, the others will fall behind.The shorthand is no different from any other language.It also requires dedication, persistency, hard work,good listening and writing skills with good command on english or hindi. And not to forget patience, that is the key element here which one needs to develop because it usually takes 6 months to properly learn the shorthand and another 6 months to gain the proficiency in it but it all depends on the person how fast they grasp the concepts and polished themselves over the time.Also it is quite important to remember that the equal distribution of time and attention is required in order to achieve the better results in writing in shorthand and then translating it into english or hindi. The writing and translation speed can only be achieved through  persistent practice of dictations.

Once you get to know the basic rules and principles of shorthand application you can start forming the outlines on your own.But for all that to work you really need to understand the rules and how to imply them,that is the only difficult part.The only precautionary measure that you need to take during the learning process is that you have to restrain yourself from mugging up the principles because that way you wont get the clear  picture of it and may find yourself caught up in a mess later.since shorthand is an art of writing it can only be learnt over a certain period of time,so you would not get it in a day or two and same thing is with the speed,if you are looking to improve your speed you got to remain tenacious through out this journey of learning it.

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